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We are using sierra wireless GSM module (HP or WP series module) in design of one of our product. We are using SDIO line to interface it with STM32F753XiH6 microcontroller. I want to clarify which protocols/lines are possible to interface with STM32F753XiH6 microcontroller.

HL module does not have SDIO interface. And WP series module defines a 3.0V SDIO interface (SD 2.0-
compliant) for customer-defined use with SD cards, connection to a Wi-Fi module, etc…

Please refer more details in


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Hello Jerdung,

Thanks for reply,

I am using HL series GSM in our product. We want to know which interfaces are supported by HL series GSM when interface to STM32H753XI

mictocontroller .

Hi shiv.prakash,

STM32H753XI is ARM MCU. I suppose MCU need to communicate with HL modules by UART/USB.
And you can refer to HL Product_Technical_Specification to check detailed interfaces.