GSM with SFTP stack

Hi all,
for a new project I’m looking for a module that integrates the SFTP protocol.
It is a gateway that must access a server via FTP over SSH - SFTP - and for simplicity I would like to use a GSM module that integrates the security stack and makes communication management available via AT commands.
Is there a embedded modem in SIERRA catalogue?

Hi paolo.ferretti

For HL modules such as HL6528RD, HL8548, HL7800…, they support the FTP protocol via AT commands (don’t support SFTP).

You can use some WP modules as WP8548, WP7702, WP76xx( WP7607,WP7608…) for SFTP protocol. They support the SFTP protocol via Legato.

You can refer below link from Sierra for more information and purchase.

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Thank you so much

My understanding is that through the devmode app you can host an sftp server on the module, they do not include an sftp client to transfer files off the module to an external server.

It is possible to add sftp to curl by modifying the curl recipe in yocto, but on some modules (WP77XX) and possibly others) libssh2 will fail to establish a connection.

The only module I have gotten this to work on is the WP8548.