RC7620 and HTTPS


I noticed recently that you are starting to publish some data on the RC series of modems.
We currently use the HL7692 in the UK/EU and are using HTTPS via AT commands.

The RC7620 looked like an interesting new module - from our perspective we were more interested in it’s wider frequency range bands and 3G fallback, but according to the migration guide this module doesn’t support HTTPS, but supports HTTP only.

Is there a reason why Sierra Wireless have chosen to not implement HTTPS via AT commands? And is there an alternative way of doing it - presumably via legato?

Thank you in advance for any additional information you can provide at this time.


So at the moment it looks like it is not supported although the existing manual does show a little ambiguity (the HTTP config command does show the option of

To date you would be surprised how little the higher layer protocol commands are used, especially with security and given limited resources (as everyone has) we cannot implement everything so we have to look at what is being commonly used.

Having said the above I have pinged the product manager to understand where we are with it.



Clearly I lost the will to live mid sentence above, to finish it.

(the HTTP config command does show the option of creating a secure connection in the current documentation).

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the update.

I’ll keep an eye out for the response from your product manager. If the HTTP config does indeed support a secure connection, then that could work for us. It would be surprising to find that it doesn’t with the push for greater security with IOT.



Having discussed it with the product manager it appears that the firmware will/does support the loading of keys onto the unit using the normal commands and subsequently using the at+khttpcfg command to set it to run over TLS (making it a HTTPS connection).

The command manual needs updating which hopefully it will be shortly.



Hi Matt,

Thanks for the update - one of your colleagues reached out about this via email earlier in the week.

I didn’t actually realise that KHTTPCFG supports HTTPS on the HL7692 as well, so it looks like i’ll be able to try that and update our codebase to use KHTTP instead of KHTTPS anticipating any change over to the RC7620 when they become available.

Thanks for your help.