HTTPS example doesn't work for me

I am using HL8548 and trying to establish a basic https connection as it displayed in the AT command interface page number 757.

I needed to change session id to 1 instead of 0. And now all the commands in the example works till I get to KHTTPSGET and it’s failed and send me a message :


according to the data sheet it is an Initialize SSL error .

I am not sure what am I doing wrong, and when and where I should enter the certificate.

the datasheet is not clear enough for me and I’ll appreciate some more help.


It seems to be saying NO CARRIER

Can you confirm that you have carrier?

Hi, thanks for you response. I have wrote a new post with some more data about my problem:

For your question - yes, I succeeded to connect with http, tcp, udp and ftp. the problem is just with https.