scan network AT command

I’m trying to find the AT command that make the modem scan the network around him

does anybody know how to?
I know there is a command - can’t find it


Thanks ,

Please clarify what, exactly, you mean by, “scan the network” in this context :question:

I know there is a command that scan the cellular networks around me ,and show me who are they \ cell number \ signal

I think at+cops ?
but I don’t sure

If you just want to know what networks and what techs they offer that the unit can see then yes all you need to do is send the below command and wait a minute or so.


If you want to know all of the cellid’s of all of the surrounding cells of all of the networks that is a bit more difficult, it is partially implemented into the MC’s but not fully, you can mainly see this information for the network you are currently attached to (or camping on).



It is possible somehow to show neighboring cells including bandwidth and cell id. Unforunateley I can’t find the according AT command to it.

This is generically not possible on the MC series.



It is. Some AVM Fritzbox LTE routers have a Sierra Wireless card inside, and they can show that info. this is how it looks like.

Ok, you said MC series, this one is EM, are they different besides the connector?


I do not know about these guys but what I suspect they have are multiple SIM cards or a roaming SIM card and manually switching between them/the networks and sending the at!gsminfo, at!uset and at!lteinfo command to the unit. These commands are only able to return the information for the currently selected network and without the roaming/switching capability you cannot see the other networks even if the signalling software is aware of them.



Thank you for your answer.

It is a normal SIM card which you get from your ISP. No multiple SIM cards, as the device only has one SIM slot. Roaming to other ISPs is not possible for those data plans.

They also show individual antenna info, but I think there is an AT command for that. Distance to the eNB is also shown.

Maybe it’s not an AT command but rather QMI?

No, network information that is not the current one is not available through any interface (AT or QMI). I do not know how they have done it then.



Note that the image of the fritzbox internals shows an EM7345, so it’s pretty much off topic here and QMI is completely irrelevant.

Oh, OP was talking about an MC7700, my bad. I didn’t want to create a new thead for this.

Position remains the same, none of the MC’s at present have a network scan functionality (it can internally as part of it normal operation but there is not interface outputting this information).



Hello fs1,

are you sure, that the AVM Fritzbox LTE router has a sierrawireless card inside?
As you can see on … eschraubt/
they use Altair Semiconductor chip.

Yes, they have different models. The one I posted was from a 6820.

There must be someway, AVM is probably not doing some witchcraft there and guessing the values.

There is definitely no way to do this, MC7700 did not even have a way to get the surrounding LTE cell information out, this only came in on the MC73.



Talking about the EM7345.

There is a way, otherwise those information would not be seen on the Fritzbox.

Indeed, very important question, How does AVM do such netwrok scan using sierrawiereless mc cards?

I can tell you here is no hidden command and there not anything in the standard AT command manual (as you can all see). I still do not see how they can do this using a SWI MC.



As it turns out the AT commands to do this on the EM7345 are:

AT+XCELLINFO for information about surrounding cells
AT+XMETRIC for more information about the current cell.

Unfortunately those two commands (along with some others) are missing from the official AT documentation of the MC73xx and EM73xx series. Maybe SW will add them in the future for a more complete documentation.