RV5x Ethernet Flapping

I have several RV5x devices attached to utility poles. Many of them experience ethernet port flap where the ethernet connection is broken for only a second or two. You will see the following log entries:
notice ALEOS_LINKMGMT_linkstatd: eth0 is now down
notice ALEOS_LINKMGMT_linkstatd: eth0 is now up

I first switched to shielded CAT6 cables which helped to stabilize the connections, but I am still getting a lot of Eth0 flap on many of the devices. The utility poles do get some vibrations from the machinery. Either 60Hz or 120Hz. You can hear the vibration, but you cannot see or feel it.

Anyone else had this issue?

Hi @mark.w.allen,

Thanks for your question.

Could you please to give a try for below action to see any better:

Here we are-

filteredlogs.tgz (16.2 KB)

Hi @mark.w.allen ,
There’s not much information to trace the issue. Which the FW version are you using? Have they worked on the latest? If not, Please try to upgrade to latest at the link above and see if they are better