RV50X LTE/4G to 3G Swapping Threshold

We are looking for a way to set the threshold at which a RV50X lets go of the 4G signal and connects to 3G.
At the moment the device holds 4G until RSSI is unserviceable then connects to the 3G signal in the area which is much stronger. We would like to set the RSSI at which this happens sooner as the RV50X can be offline for long periods of time until the signal improves or the gives out entirely and 3G takes over…

From the Sierra Wireless website: “Sierra Wireless has observed IoTroop/Reaper infecting Airlink gateways running older firmware, using default user or viewer passwords and that are directly reachable from the public internet. The attached technical bulletin provides information about this malware along with instructions on how to protect your Sierra Wireless gateways.”
To use the RV50 on the Verizon network, the user’s cellular account needs to be set up with a public, static IP address. There is a one-time set-up fee for the account holder, regardless of the number of devices that are activated. As of February 2016, this fee is $500 USD.

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