RV50X connectivity in poor signal area

I’m using a RV50X installed in a poor signal area. It takes sometime several hours before the “Network” LED light becomes green.
On other hand each time, I insert the sim card in my Iphone placed near the RV50X, I get the connection to 4G immediatly .

I have already connected an antenna to RV50X. Of course buying a more efficient antenna could be an option but I am wondering why an Iphone without antenna is more efficient in establishing the connection than an RV50X with antenna.

Do you have any advice on some specific settings to improve the capacity of RV50X to establish the connection ?

Any help is appreciated.

Hi Olivier,
If your location is in poor signal area, you can buy a more efficient antenna or you can move to another location that has better signal.
For Iphone or any mobile phone, the antennas are designed internal, so you can not see . If you open the case, you can see it.


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Phones are not always a good comparison. Depending on your carrier, a modem in a smartphone will likely support more LTE bands than the RV50X. Your phone may be connecting on a band that is not supported by the RV50X. Make sure you have two antennas connected and the RV50X band setting is All Bands. Also, depending on your carrier and location, you may want Roaming set to Automatic.

thanks for your input. I am about to order an antenna.
I have a question on the antenna selection : is there a risk to dammage the gateway if I choose an antenna with a too high gain ? how to determine that the right power is transmitted through the antenna (not too low , not too strong) taking into account power of the emitter , distance, cable loss …

No risk to gateway damage. Omnidirectional antennas actually have very little gain (typically 2 or 3 dB). Directional antennas will have much more gain, but they will not damage the gateway as long as they are designed to be used in the LTE frequency ranges. Keep your antenna cable length as short as is practical for wherever your antenna needs to be installed.