Best options to improve signal on RV50 and RV50X 4G LTE

Hello all,

This is my first topic in this very helpful forum.

By your experience, what is the best option to improve signal and reduce drops in communication, on 4G LTE routers like the RV50.

Currently we have some using a small paddle antenna, and we want to extend a 6ft cable to get an outdoor antenna / receiver for improving signal strength.
The cell router is in a basement.

Any recommendation would be helpful.

Thank you all in advance,

Alex P.

Hi @Alex4,
As you can see that RV50/50X supports primary and diversity antenna connecters as the below screenshot.

You can longer cables for them. It might help the antennas are in a more favourable location. However, as we all know that the cables have attenuation constant so it might affect to the signal . Please make sure you select high-quality and and connectors. You can refer to the Airlink antennas at the link below.

The webpage suggests some the antennas are suitable to each router/gateway following the datasheet detail
Please review and share it you have any concern. Help us tick “Solution” if it is useful, it might be beneficial to someone getting the problem