RV50X AT&D DTR Mode setting not working

When I set DTR Mode to AT&D2 the unit should drop active connection if the DTR input handshake line but it isn’t. It is behaving as if AT&D = 1 i.e. device ignores state of DTR. I can tell the device is detecting the correct state of the DTR input line as the “RS232 Host signal level” status on the “Status->Serial” ACEManager page changes between “DTR: HIGH” and “DTR: LOW” when I change the state of the input using my serial terminal application. The behavior is the same regardless of whether the TCP connection is outbound or inbound.
Is there some other configuration parameter I need to set also or is this a known problem?
I am using a RV50X device running ALEOS software version 4.13.0 build 017.

Hi @mark.linsenmeier

I can reproduce this issue on our RV50X ALEOS software version 4.13.0 build 017.
It can be the limitation of the current firmware module.
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You can issue the +++ escape sequence to drop the active connection.

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Thanks for checking this out Donald. Unfortunately, our application requires the use of DTR to drop the connection as it is normally much faster, and more reliable, than using the +++ escape sequence. I will chase up with tech support.