RV50 Wont connect to PC after template reboot

An RV50 that I have is not connecting to my PC when doing a template upload reboot. I have tried the template on other RV50s and they work and reboot properly, but this unit no longer shows up on my device manager or network connections. I have done a factory reset on the unit and after that it connects again but without the template of course. The firmware has been updated and the issue persist. has anyone had this issues?

Sorry, I have not had this issue. Does the issue reproduce on other devices on the same firmware and after a factory reset performed the same way?

Does your template change the TCP/IP settings? Are your PC settings changed to match?

Are you familiar with the USB/network connection? Does that work?

The issue does not occur with other RV50s and no factory reset was needed.

The template does not change the TCP/P settings form what i understands and has work on other RV50s.

I have used the usb and ethernet connection. For the ethernet connection after the attempted reboot it says unidentified network and for the usb the device manager does not recognize that a usb is plug in. Its almost like the ports on the RV50 are turn off because the reboot gets stuck on a loop and never completes.

I just have troubleshooting ideas, trying to characterize the issue.

Does cell interface come up? Can you access it?

Perhaps try to make a good device as similar as possible to the problem device and try to reproduce the issue in order to characterize the issue? Get the good device on same firmware and same factory reset as the problem device.

Perhaps and instead of using the template, try manually making the changes. Maybe there is something weird going on with the template(?). Also, try making a new template.

Otherwise, it sounds like a Support call for RMA to me, if I read you correctly. You can reproduce the issue on the problem device, but the problem does not reproduce with the same template on similar hardware.

Confirm all the things we are assuming. These are truly the same model, the same firmware revisions, the correct firmware.