RV50 USB Connection Options

Hi. I’m wondering if a Micro USB to Ethernet dongle can be utilized to connect to a Windows Embedded or Windows CE device via that devices Ethernet port. Will the RV50 present the port as a standard Ethernet port, or are drivers required on connected machine? The manual only discusses the drives being used in a directly connected USB to Micro USB with virtual Ethernet options. Thanks- Brian

Hi Brian,

A Micro USB to Ethernet dongle is not supported and cannot be utilized to connect a host machine. The RV50 only supports USB to Micro USB. You can configure the USB port to act as a virtual Ethernet port or virtual serial port, which is basically used to provide an additional means to communicate with the modem. You can toggle between different the two interfaces by going into:

AceManager > LAN > USB > General > USB Device Mode = USBNET (default) or USB Serial.

Drivers are not normally required for newer Windows OSs, as they come pre-loaded into the Driver Store. Only a modem reboot is required to apply the changes. If you are using an older Windows OS, please have a quick look at the link below to download the appropriate driver(s):

source.sierrawireless.com/resour … et_driver/