RV50 Stopped Rebooting at TOD and Stopped Sending Dynamic DNS IPManager Updates

We have 100 or so modems in our fleet. About half of them stopped rebooting at TOD time, all on 2021-12-24. I logged into numerous modems yesterday and they all said that they had been up for 20 days even though the reboot TOD was still set to 1 with a time of 1. This had been working properly before Christmas Eve. All of these modems also stopped periodic sending updates to IPManager on the same day. There are various firmware versions deployed. I have some modems that work with the same firmware versions as some of the ones that don’t. They are running the same templates, just with different DynDNS names. I have manually rebooted these modems and they all did not send DNS updates afterwards and did not reboot this morning like they should have. Our cell phone lines are set to very low data plans and sending firmware updates will cost us a lot of money so, though I know that should be the first step to troubleshoot, I am not going to do that first especially since there are modems with the same firmware versions showing different behavior.

Has anyone seen this behavior in their fleet?

As a test, I updated one of the effected modems to firmware 4.15 and it did not update DNS when it rebooted. I will check tomorrow if it rebooted at 1AM.

It did not reboot last night and is still not sending DNS updates.

Hi makangribe,

Could you please provide your device configuration and log? I need to look into them to see what’s going on.

  • The configuration file is in ACEmanager → Template, click Download button.
  • The log file is in ACEmanager → Admin → Log, click Download Logs button