RV50 Security to prevent unwanted data usage

I have several RV50 Modems/Routers that I use to allow for remote access to instrumentation in the field. I have had issues in the past with excess data usage and have been able to stop this with setting Trusted Inbound/outbound IP. However, now I am trying to have the data sent to a site with a non static IP. I am using noIP which uses a web style address to access my dynamic IP. It is working, however, since I can’t input the web address into the trusted friends, I have to turn off the trusted IP to be able to remotely communicate with the RV50s. I am wondering if there is another way to “secure” the RV50 from outside pings to prevent unwanted data usage/charges. Possibly by using the Port security settings? Use a VPN?
Any thoughts/suggestions, would be appreciated.