RV50 OVPN Client to Softether Server

I hope everything is going well over there. Here, it is a little frustrating.
I have a Softethernet Server software running as an OVPN server. I was able to match my Softhether OVPN server/RV50 OVPN Client settings and I have a steady tunnel connection established. I can ping and access the LAN resources of the server from the Sierra RV50 Gateway attached devices. However, I can’t ping or access any network of the Sierra RV50 Gateway from the Server LAN side.

It’s there any settings that I can enable/configure on the Sierra Gateway to create a push network table into the VPN connection? or put the OVPN client in bridge mode?

We have several dozens of units on the field and we might have to move away from them and replace them with a different brand.

Thank you for your support

Best regards