RV50 GPS Streaming Issue 4.12

Hello all, were running into an issue with our fleet of RV50ā€™s when we upgrade them to FW 4.12 p31. We use USB serial connection to send GPS stream to the Windows machine in the vehicle for AVL. This used to work fine with previous FW, but as soon as we upgrade (we have done five so far), the USB Serial connection stops sending the stream to the PC (the router itself is seeing the Satellites and reporting LAT/LON correctly). I have scoured these forums and the web and cannot find anyone else having a similar issue.

We have also tried factory reset, reloading FW, Recovery Mode, etc. no change in GPS stream.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi edark,

Iā€™m facing the same. It seems it is a bug comparing to the old FW.

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