RV50 gives internet access while in DCHP but not when static


I have an RV50 with an ip address of I can access the Ace Manager web page without issue. I configure the modem to act as a DCHP server. I connect my laptop to the modem. I set my laptop to DHCP mode and the RV50 provides it with an IP address as well as Internet access.

I disable the DCHP server on the RV50. I reboot the RV50. I set my laptop to be I reconnect to the RV50 Ace Manager but my laptop does not have Internet access.

Is there a setting that I need to look at because the laptop needs a static IP address, the RV50 cannot be a DHCP server, and the laptop needs to have Internet access.


Sounds like you don’t have your laptop’s default gateway configured to