RSSI using Layer 3



Has anyone managed to get l3info_infoSubscribe to work? The function call links in DS:

But attempting to build code with l3info_infoSubscribe results in:

Does anyone know what includes to use? Any thoughts or experiences?



Have you tried the ADL functions for Layer 3 Service?

s32 adl_L3infoSubscribe ( adl_L3infoChannelList_e ChannelId, adl_L3infoEventHandler_f L3infoHandler );


Hi ,

I have some code that uses the Layer3 in a surveying application, your welcome to.
the includes used was the following
#include “adl_global.h”
#include “wm_l3info_scan.h”
#include “wm_l3info_rsm.h”

hope they help.