Good time of a day!

First time L3info service meeting i was try to get some info of neighbor GSM cells and some PLMN parameters using ADL api in my own code.
All attempts working with L3info was failed during the subscription (it was returns -13 handle always) and i forgot about it until now.

So the next attempt i found the Sample application in new Software Suite. Its called PLMN Scan.
This time result the same, TRACES are as follows:

PLMN SCAN Test Application: Main
   Subscription to the Layer 3 Info failed !!! : -13

Similar link is here: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3743&hilit=l3info
My config: Open AT Suite 2.3 (R74 Firmware) + Q2686H.

Unfortunately our Wavecom distributor is in the silent and don’t want to talk about ANY tech support.

Any suggestions about getting l3 service info?
If you have ANY experience post it please.


Error -13 is 'ADL_RET_ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED’ - An option required by this function is not enabled on the Wireless CPU.

It looks like some (if not all) of the L3 info required by the L3 OpenAT service is controlled by Wavecom as a ‘Commercial Feature’. See the AT command guide for info on using AT+WCFM=5 to display the extended commercial features set of your module.

If this ‘feature’ is not activated, you’ll have to contact your distributor to either pay for the password to enable the feature, or purchase a new module with the feature already activated.

ciao, Dave