RestAPI ignore "head" result

i’m trying read some device stream from external server though Octave rest API, in other servers I can get only the "body part of the JSON response.
in Octave API calls I get also the “head” part on the JSON as screenshot below.


how I can remove it from the call result?


Hello Elkana,

Ideally, in a solution, you would want to interrogate the header to determine if the call was successful or not.

Our Rest APIs follow the standard and I don’t see any methods to suppress or filter out the head section.

Can you let me know why you would want to exclude the head section?

Thanks in advance

Thanks for replay, I’m using with GE SCADA system that parsing the JSON GET response and build entitiesand per response I can present it in graph or other ways.
when I’m pulling the GET request with Octave REST api i got also the head inside the message and it make the system get wrong and put all raw data into first entity as you can see in screen shot.

More, the JSON:API standard show that request status reply not present inside JSON array, just above it as simple data.

One more option, it to use with Post method that not send head part, there is some option to post Octave and get specific stream in response?


Hello Elkana,

As to a Post option on a stream or event, you may want to consider pushing events from Octave to your system utilizing Websockets.

See Consuming Events via WebSocket