Reset SIM with AT command

For various reasons I want to trigger a proper SIM reset (power down/ power up for SIMVCC) in software. The closest I can get is AT+CFUN=1 but it also reboots the embedded OpenAT application (read HelloWorld with counter). The command AT+CPOF turns off the SIM card but I don’t know how to turn it on again.

Is there an AT command to reset or power-down/up the SIM only and not the embedded application?

Not really… The AT+CPOF stops the GSM stack - ok, and maybe beside this also the sim supply. But the only way you can leave this state is a hard reset.

I gathered the CPOF command does not guarantee or intend SIM power-off - it might not be the same on other wavecom modems like the newer Q26 series, I’m not sure.

For what it’s worth, CFUN=1 gets you back up after CPOF.


Yep. And AT+CFUN=1 does the same as a hard reset.
Atl least at the software’s side.

I’ve found no way to “reboot” only the SIM until now.