Request: HTML Editor


All the samples include an HTML file giving a basic (!) description of the application, and creating a new application also creates one.

M2MStudio can display these (view-only), but has no facility to edit them.

Please can an HTML editor be added to M2MStudio?

In the meantime, I note that some Eclipse-based IDEs do already have an HTML editor - so how could one be added manually to an existing M2MStudio insallation :question:


A complete Eclipse-based IDE exists for “Web-related” development, including editors for HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript and others…
The good news are that it can be added to Developer Studio.
The bad news are that it’s not possible to extract only the HTML editor from this IDE, and it has to be completely installed (~45-50 MB); this will make us reluctant to integrate it by default in the studio, since the application is already quite heavy.

However, here is the procedure for install over Developer Studio 1.1.2:

  • In the Window > Preferences > Install/Update > Available Software Sites dialog, enable the Eclipse Galileo Repository (, or simply add it is it’s not in the list.
  • In the same dialog, add the Eclipse Web Tools Platform repository url:
  • Close the dialog and go to Help > Install new software
  • Select the Eclipse Web Tools Platform repository
  • In the Web Tools Platform (WTP) 3.1.1 category, select the Eclipse Web Developer Tools feature
  • Then click the Next button and follow the steps until Developer Studio restarts: then you shall have the HTML editor integrated in the application.

Please note that you should then disable the update sites added in the first steps, otherwise Developer Studio will check them for updates on each start.