Remote shell questions

Is it possible to prevent the remote shell from automatically scrolling to the bottom when new output is received? This behaviour is really irritating when trying to read through output history, as you lose your place every time a new message is received.

Is it possible to prevent M2M from closing the remote shell every time you launch a new instance, or close the serial port? While I can appreciate that it can be nice to start a new session with a clean shell, I like to be able to see and compare the old output, and use the command history. All of this is lost if the shell is closed, unless you export it somewhere first.

Note that the whole target management piece is recognised to be broken and, we are told, is being totally re-worked.

For now, your best option is probably to go back the old Target Monitoring Tool (TMT) and Terminal Emulator (TE).

You can have both M2MStudio and TMT/TE connected simultaneously: use M2MStudio for downloading (only) and TMT/TE for debugging.

That’s what I do, anyhow. 8)

The scroll lock toolbar button is supposed to do this - but doesn’t work properly

See: Starting debug: does it have to be this cumbersome? - #14 by awneil

it works … but just until the display buffer is full.

I can’t find this button on the remote shell window. I can find it on the console and trace windows though. It doesn’t help that the icon is different each time :exclamation: - on the console window it looks like a padlock, and on the trace window it looks like a window with a padlock in the corner.

What does the icon look like for the remote shell, and where is it? Is it enabled by default, or do I have to do something to make it visible?

To be honest, is it worth worrying about?

Does it matter where it is or what it looks like when it doesn’t actually work anyhow?!

Madouc said that it works until the buffer is full. For most situations, this is enough.

I’m sorry, I’ve seemed to have confused the trace with the remote shell window.
the remote shall window has no scroll-lock possibilities.

Another thing I’ve just noticed, is that the remote shell window will steal the focus whenever new data arrives. This means that you can’t have the remote shell window visible while for example, you write or scroll through some code.

As told by awneil, these points are some of the numerous ones we will take care about in the new TM implementation.
Anyway, thanks to keep on posting what’s wrong with the current implementation: that’s giving us tracks and requirements for the future.

Also, can you please fix the copy fuctionality?
(it doesn’t work right now, neither for the remote shell as for the traces)

Did the target monitoring refactoring make it into the 1.1.2 release? So far I have not noticed any difference.

Sorry but TM refactoring is planned for 1.2.0; nothing new in 1.1.2
As this refactoring was more important than expected, we made the decision to release the 1.1.2 earlier, in order to fix some issues.
1.2.0 is planned after the Summer; we will push a public beta version first to let you test it before making it official.