"+++" escape sequence in v24 data mode


My application automatically switch Fastrack Supreme into v24 data mode. When I use hyperterminal, I can send “+++” to switch to AT mode, but in M2M remote shell I cannot do this, because any sequence ends with “carriage return” character.


The M2M Studio shell is currently designed only for AT commands usage. It is planned to make this evolving in future releases, thanks to new features in Target Management.


That is very disappointing! :frowning:

Surely the whole point of a modem is to be able to transfer data?! :unamused:

Good! :slight_smile:

Please be sure to support the existing TMT feature allowing the data to “pass-through” to an external “application”:

See: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=2509&p=11123&hilit=external+com#p11123

It would also be really useful to be able to do this to a “virtual” port - so that an application on the same PC could connect direct to the data “flow” without having to go via a physical COM port connection…


like with MuxConfTool :slight_smile:


As you may have guessed, I’ve never used the MuxConfTool - I’m increasingly getting the feeling that I should look into it…


Yes, i can recommend it.
though (as with most wavecom software) it has a bit of a learning curve,
but as is has only one purpouse, it hasn’t got that many options to get confusseld about :smiley:


Being able to issue (pause)"+++" (pause) from the Remote Shell would be very useful!

Also being able to issue control characters (e.g. ETX)

And also being able to define a block of hex to transmit as data…

Is there any reason why issuing the escape sequence from Hyperterminal would fail to return the device to command mode?


Yes, the M2MStudio really hasn’t come anywhere near providing equivalent functionality to the old TMT yet… :frowning:

I think an application can choose to ignore the escape request?