Fastrack escape character


I have been stuck with an issue in wavecom fastrack modems: I need to change the escape charactar (the value of the S2 register). This register seems stuck on the value S2=043 and no other value is accepted when issuing the command ATS2= x .
Is there any procedure to change this register to another value or disable in another way the escape sequence +++

I think you’re right - I seem to remember trying to change this a long time ago, and finding that the commands had no effect. :angry:

I seem to remember that the guard time can’t be changed, either. :angry:

If you explain what you’re actually trying to achieve, someone may be able to offer an alternative suggestion…

I must connect the wavecom to an application that i dont have control on its code . This application when it finishes sending data it sends the +++ character and the modem exit. I need to stay in data mode all time because once the +++ is received i cant go back automatically into data mode without intervention. Is there a way to automise this ? I need that the mode reconnects automatically when it detects that the TCP/IP socket is not present anymore…but i have no clue on how to do this.
Any help