Remote-Mode Custom Library Doesn't Link Properly

Building a custom library is easy - just check the appropriate box in the Project Wizard.

But actually using this Library seems to be virtually impossible! :angry:
See: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=1436

Even having struggled through all the slings & arrows of Wavecom’s outrageous scripts, so that the project compiles and the Linker looks to the correct library, the Remote Mode Link fails abysmally with loads of warnings & errors; eg,

It seems that the Library has included all the runtine support, and the application is trying to include them all again! :frowning:

The result is the same whether the library is included with full source, or via the plug-in hack…

The linker can be forced to ignore all these errors and warnings with the /FORCE option - but that seems rather rash! :open_mouth:

So, what am I missing here?

This only applies to the Remote Mode (MSVS) build - the Target build (GCC) is fine.

I’m using Open-AT v3.12/3.13.