Release rv50 port temporary for pc connection


  1. RV50 is connected to a data collector via serial port. We normally connected to the device remotely, to download the data from the data collector, and reconfigure the instrument. The PC software connected to the data collector through port 2332
  2. A LUA program was created to reside in the RV50 to monitor a trigger event from the data collector. The software then downloads the data from the instrument and emails to a specified location. It then returns the instrument to monitoring. The LUA programs also utilizes port number 2332
  3. RV50 is connected serially to instrument for get real-time data it reserve 2332 port for this and due to reserve port PC software not able to connect instrument remotely.
  4. There are times that the PC software must connect to the data collector without interference from the running LUA program.
  5. After the operations with the PC software, return back to the normal operation with the embedded software.

Can port designations be changed dynamically such as through ACE manager to allow the PC connection temporarily? Or any suggestions as to get around this?