Recovery Portal MP70 Unable to install Firmare

I have a MP70 Pro that I’m having issues with I can get into recovery mode but am unable to upload any ALEOS firmware the installer fails with this from the log file.

Mounting HDA1…
Unable to open file: /tmp/fw_status

[swpreinstaller] Installation started
[swpreinstaller] Open /www/upload/MP70_4.15.3.003.bin
[AleosUpdater::open] check file
[AleosUpdater::open] init cert verification
[AleosUpdater::open] Check failed: Could not parse directory: Cannot open dir /usr/local/etc/crl
[AleosUpdater::open] verify certificate /usr/local/etc/crt/SWI-ESBU-Root-01.crt
populateLedFileStreams: Complete
[AleosUpdater::open] verify signature /usr/local/etc/crt/SWI-ESBU-Root-01.crt
[AleosUpdater::open] Signature error : error:00000000:lib(0):func(0):reason(0)
[AleosUpdater::open] Signature verification failed (1)
[swpreinstaller] Error 1 : Opening /www/upload/MP70_4.15.3.003.bin failed
[swpreinstaller] Installation failed
Installation failed. Please, retry.

Is there anything I can do or is the unit bricked

Hi @athin ,
Welcome you to our community!

Could you please share with me some information as below:

  1. What firmware version is your MP70 Pro running?
  2. Can you describe the step-by-step you did?



The MP70 was running the 14 firmware I can not tell it full release number
I attempted to update to the lasted 15 release this basically timed out froze

Once I was able to reboot and get into the recovery mod I have attempted to update the firmware a number of time but all times it errors


Hi @athin ,

I tested your case on my MP70 and I didn’t observe the your issue. Could you please try my steps as following:

  1. Download firmware version ALEOS 4.15.3 by this link:

  2. Refer to Part 2 - Configuring Gateway on page 19 in the link below to update ALEOS software using Recovery mode:

Could you please follow and give it a try?