Receiving data from VGA

I am trying to use the Q2687 as a security node connected to a camera.
I have posted a topic asking if there are libraries for jpeg compression ans so on from a cmos sensor but no replies???

I have a cmos sensor wih imaging board (leopard board) but how do I get the image from the leopard board to the Q2687 via a physical connection? Is it possible?
And if someone knows, is there a library where one can get data directly from the CMOS sensor and create a JPEG or similar image?

This image needs to be sent via gprs ftp or mms when it is completed

Thank you

Leaving the Q26 aside for a moment, do you have any ideas as to how you would do this on a “normal” microcontroller?

I was uninformed on how CMOS sensors work to capture images, thus I thought that it would be able to connect a CMOS sensor to a microcontroller and use a jpeg encoder to do the job for me. If the Q26 has this capability I would connect the CMOS directly to it. But getting the image from anothe video processor to a microcontroller or CPU I am not sure.

Any suggestions?

I think that’s along the lines of saying, “a car is just an engine, and some wheels, and stuff” - there is clearly a very great deal more detailed design to do before you are anywhere near having anything that you could actually build!

You might be better off looking at a PC or similar, where you are more likely to find stuff at this “high-level” subsystem level…?

That is why I am asking if there are image compression libraries or code for the Q2687?
I am forced to use the Q2687 as this project was given to me through correspondence with Wavecom.

Is there anybody that knows if it has this capabilities, that is what I want to know?
If not then I will need to look at something else.

Thank you

i can imagine that you can use any jpeg-compression library that will compile for the ARM-platform.

Also there are cmos sensors that have a parallel interface or an spi interface.
those you can connect to with the Q2687, although you would have to write your own code to do that.

I think image processing can be pretty intensive - so you may have to be careful not to upset the watchdog…


I’ve ported a JSON library to the Q2686 for one of my projects. Biggest problem I had was that Wavecom do not provide standard C memory allocation functions (malloc, free, calloc & realloc).

malloc & free are easy - simply map to adl_memGet() & adl_memRelease().
calloc is slightly longer - adl_memGet() & wm_memset()
realloc is a pain - I had to write my own memory management list to emulate this (and modify the other functions to support this memory management system).

I know there’s some technical issues with the memory management inside the Wavecom CPU - but all the other ARM ports I’ve used have malloc etc.

Please Wavecom, provide us with an analog of realloc().

ciao, Dave