Read/Write on USB


I have been looking into docs and samples for a while to find out USB related information. Does anyone know which function in library is related? Before I ask this question I should ask if it is possible to read/write on USB using this framework/Developer Studio.

Any comment would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

you can read/write through the USB, for that you have to install proper USB driver.
You can refer the software configuration guideā€¦
By the way which module are you using?


Hi wlee,

Like Alex asked, it would be interesting to know your Airlink device.

Also I am not sure what you meant: using Airlink device USB port to connect an USB device, use Airlink device USB port as a serial port to communicate with a PC for example, or something else?
Unfortunately, none of two previous options are currently supported.
Improvements can always be discussed, so you would need to contact your Sierra Wireless reseller to discuss the feasibility.


Hi Alex,

We are using LS300.
We are trying to diagnosis equipment remotely. Equipment side has on-board computer that has USB connector and the other end is just a laptop equipped with USB. Our techs use their software on their laptop to check the equipment currently.
Thank you for confirming about USB. We may have to look at Serial / Ethernet option.

Is it possible to write to the USB from Lua? I would like to log GPS position (including lat/long/altitude/course/speed/etc) & LTE signal strength to a file on a USB flash drive.

This thread seems to state that it was not possible in Mar of 2015.

ALEOS 4.7.0



Unfortunately this is correct, the GX hardware does not support USB host, and thus cannot mount a USB flash drive.
This use case is not possible.


Thank you for your response.