Re-starting timeout in Q2686G

Hai all,

      Module                                     :: Q2686G.
      The firmware version is            :: R74_00gg.Q2686G
     Application OS                           :: 06.21
    Boot loader version                     :: V08b0e 

                   From manual i came to know by using   "at+wrst=1,000:01" i can re-start the wavecom module.

Is there any way to re-start the wavecom module in terms of seconds, say 10 or 20 seconds.

                                          Thank you,

Why do you want to do that?

Note that networks may “blacklist” devices that reset excessively often…

No problem… Its not very often. Is there any way to re-start ?

Are you asking about AT Commands (from en external controller), or an Open-AT application (embedded within the module) :question:


I want in the program. Now using command create API I am sending the restart command. In that command the minimum value is one minute(as you know already).

In the place I want to re-start, can i put a continuous while loop. this will cause an exception and reboot.
Is there any side-effect in this ?

thank you awneil,

thank you. Will it really re-start the unit, or just starting the program from beginning?

And if the program is already running, will this command has any effect?

thank you tomridl

Yes, it is a complete restart - including an IMSI-detach.

thank you awneil