RC7620-1 +KFTPRCV Does not receive "CONNECT"

We are trying to download a file from FTP using AT+KTCPRCV on RC7620-1 (SWI9X07H_00.08.07.00 0ce4c1 jenkins 2021/03/17 02:18:20)
After AT+KFTPCFG, we issue AT+KTCPRCV=1,255 and the data start coming down but no “CONNECT” is received before.

According to “AirPrime - RC76xx - AT Command Reference Guide - Rev9.0.pdf” Page 276 a “CONNECT” or “NO CARRIER” should be sent by the module

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no problem is found, you can see my command:
log (2).txt (42.7 KB)

Are you trying over UART or USB interface? I’m on UART

I am using uart too …

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Thanks, I’ve done some more tests and I can confirm at 115200 baud it works fine, but at 230400 baud doesn’t.
jyijyi can you confirm?

KFTP & KTCP send/receive commands works fine only at 115200 baud on UART interface.
Can anyone confirm this is a issue?

Yes, I have the same issue with my RC7620 modules - the TCP stack works only at the rate of 115200. Does anyone have the solution?

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