KTCPSTAT Remaining data


I’m using the HL6528RD-G module. Setting up a TCP connection works fine, but when I want to poll the status of the socket the module behaves strange. The response that I expect is something like this:
+KTCPSTAT: 3,-1,0,0

but sometimes (around one in every 20 tries @10hz rate) I get:
+KTCPSTAT: 3,-1,267923052,0 or +KTCPSTAT: 3,-1,-271058674,0
indicating there are 267923052 bytes waiting to be sent (i did NOT send anything)? What is going wrong?



What firmware version are you using (at+cgmr)?




I’m using : RHL6528RD.



This is the very first release for the HL6528RD, you need to upgrade to the latest to see if it makes a difference as there have been a lot of changes and improvements.





How does this updater (.exe) work? Do I need to connect to the UART of the module, USB, SPI? I do not see any option to select a COM port?

Meanwhile I trying am updating trough OTA, but I would also like to be able to update another way.
EDIT: Updated to the latest version trough airvantage OTA, to version HL6528RD-G (RHL6528RD. . The problem is still there:
+KTCPSTAT: 2,-1,267870284,0

+KTCPSTAT: 2,-1,0,0                                                             



I am not seeing the issue you are. I have attached a log file of my script I am using to test with, I periodically sent 3 bytes to the unit which was correctly reflected in the KTCPSTAT command response. The KTCPSTAT commands were send randomly with a few seconds between them.

HL6528RD 2.4.1 firmware KTCPSTAT test.txt (1.7 KB)




Hello Matt,

When I decrease the TCPSTAT polling rate to 1hz the problem disappears, so it seems that there is a maximum rate for polling the TCP status.

Can you answer my other question about the updater .exe?



To use the one-click tool to download over UART (I think USB is the default), it is required to add an ini file for specifying the COM port and download baud rate to the Windows system. The ini file named “HL65xxrd_download.ini’ must be placed in a folder path specified by the Windows Environmental Variable, “APPDATA”. To locate the folder path, simply click the , type “%APPDATA%” in the search box and then type .

In the file “HL65xxrd_download.ini’, add the following lines to specify COM port number and the baud rate. The following example shows to use COM port 165 and set the baud rate to 921600 bps.


To start download over UART,

  1. Power down the module.
  2. Click the 1-click exe file.
  3. Press a reset button or perform a power cycle.

To set it back to UART either set port to USB or delete the file.