Raven XT Win7 Drivers

I am trying to install the 64-bit USB drivers for a Raven XT modem. The device shows up in the device manager as GenX with no driver. I have downloaded and unzipped the Win 7 x64 drivers from the site but Windows will not use them when I try to update driver.

If I right-click the inf file and select install, I get this error:

“The INF file you selected does not support this method of installation”.

Any help would be appreciated!


Is this the fresh installation of the drivers?
I mean earlier no drivers were present on the system when you installed this one?


I’m not sure about that. In the device manager it says the device does not have any drivers, I do see the option to uninstall the device though.

Actually, is this problem happening with one system or with all other WIN systems… have you been able to try this? or try fresh installation…?


I also had this problem. I solved this by going into device manager and right-clicking GenX. Select update driver software. You can choose to browse your computer for the driver software. Select the folder that has your inf file and run the installer

I’ve tried this and windows still cannot install my driver. Any other suggestions? I am on 32 bit Windows 7 Pro.