Rapidplus 8.12


Can anyone help with me the Rapidplus 8.12 Installation code.
When i try to install RapidPlus 8.12, It is asking me a code.



don’t think it’s the right place for this post… RapidPlus is the tool suite which has to be used with deprecated Open AT GTi plug-in, isn’t it?
I never worked with it, but I know two things:

  • It has nothing to do with M2M Studio :wink:
  • RapidPlus was a commercial tool, bundled by Wavecom on the SDK for intall commodity, but you have to pay an additional license in order to get the activation code… And I don’t know if there is still someone, somewhere in the world, which is able to receive your order about that… :confused: (if I remember well, Open AT GTi has been removed from Wavecom SDKs for about one or two years…)


That sounds about right.

It was bundled with (some) Open-AT SDK(s) a while ago, and it would ask for a code if you tried to install it - so, if you’re not actually intending to use it, then just don’t install it.


You’re all spot on. Open AT GTi was the “Graphical Turbo interface” for developing complex multi-state graphical user interfaces (using RapidPlus embedded engine and PC tools from a 3rd party) but was removed from the Wavecom portfolio after “not a lot of interest”. There is still a free application note online that provides free source code for an LCD device driver plus simple graphical APIs but this does not include any specific WYSIWYG IDE tools, state machine or logic tree, just the embedded graphics part. If you’re interested in a graphical designer extension to the new M2M Studio and/or widget APIs please message me at Wavecom.

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Is it still possible to use the GTi plugin and Rapidplus ? The e-sim site (www.e-sim.com) is offline. If not is there any other similar tools to speed up LCD interfacing with a Q2687 ?