Query SQL db with incoming sms data


I need help designing a engine that can use the information from an incoming sms to the device and then poll a databse for a response then reply to that same number from which the original sms was sent. I have no idea where to begin since i have very little knowledge of the device.

Can anyone suggest some research material or point me in the right direction for this.




You need to begin by clearly defining the interfaces and functions required - this is independent of the device.

ie, you need a complete definition of what your system is required to do.

At the moment, “poll a databse for a response” needs a lot more definition!
eg* Where is the database located?

  • How will the device communicate with it?
  • etc…

Having done that - and not before - you can move on to consider how you might achieve your requirements using the facilities available on the device.

You will need to review the ADL User Guide to see what facilities are available on the device, and you should be discussing this with your Distributor


Ok simply put i want to send an SMS with 3 fields of content seperated by comma’s i.e (Field1,Field2,Field3) in a message to my fastrack GO device and on the same host computer i have a mySQL databse with corresponding fields i.e(Field1,Field2,Field3) in a table. I want to then reply to the sender via the device with the contents of the mySQL’s databse fields.

HELP I am such a noob at this!


If the Fastrack is connected to the computer, then there’s probably no point in using Open-AT at all - just have the application on the PC, and just use the Fastrack as a “dumb” modem.

In fact, as you’re on a PC, you don’t even need a modem at all - assuming you have an internet connection!
Just use a service that will send & receive SMS over an internet link!

See: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=3729&p=14804&hilit=bulk+sms#p14804
And: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=3281&p=12295&hilit=bulk+sms#p12295

Also argues for using a PC-only solution!