First question - Is it possible ....



I am completely new to this and before I decide to throw myself in to learning a lot of new things I just wanted to ask if it was possible first. I appreciate I am new to this now, but if this is possible I am willing to learn how to do it myself.

I have a Fastrack XTend GSM/Edge modem and I have the developer studio recently downloaded and can confirm that it can communicate with the modem. I also have the added network module for the unit.

Is it possible for this unit to;

  1. Gather information from network sources and based on set criteria to send SMS messages regarding the collected information, using SNMP?
    2.Display a web page showing the collected information, a web page where the criteria can be set, and a web page where the SMS recipients can be set, when browsed to?

I am a network support specialist and I have already created the web pages (using HTML and PHP) proving I can collect the information, display it and then create output (to a database in the test) when set criteria is breached. The next step is to see if I can embed this on to the unit to send SMS rather then output to a database.

Thank you for your time.



Yes i guess you can very well do that.



Yes, it is possible.

But it will require you to get quite deeply involved in Embedded firmware development…

Embedded firmware development is a rather different field from network support!

Are you sure you really want to divert onto this track :question:


As an analogy, that’s “possible” in the same sense that it would be possible to purchase an engine, transmission, suspension, etc, and design & build your own car around them…