How to interpret an SMS with a Web server


I’m new in Wavecom development and I want to know how can I receive an SMS with a Web server (and interpret data from this SMS). I’ve started to develop my application with the telemetry example. Now, the SMS sent by my application has data which have to be display on a Web page. How can I do this (simply) ?


Are you talking about a webserver running on a wavecom device (as an Open-AT application), or just a webserver connected to a wavecom device :question:

I also don’t quite understand… does your application send SMS’s to the webserver, or does it form part of the web server to interpret the SMS’s?

If it is the first option, then my suggestion is don’t use SMS for this. Use HTTP posts instead. You will save some money and make life easier for yourself on the server side.

If it is the second option, you will have to write an application that monitors the modem for received SMS’s and forward them via HTTP to your web service. That should be relatively easy to do.

The webserver is not runnong an a wavecom product.

My application (based on telemetry example) is sending SMS (build with data coming from GPIO and serial line).

Now, my goal is to display these information (GPIO and serial data) on a web page. I’m looking for a way to do this (simply)…

You will have to consult the documentation for your webserver - that will tell you what facilities it provides for receiving and presenting “dynamic” data like this…

Remember: the webserver neither knows nor cares that the date may have come from a Fastrack modem, nor that it may have been transferred via SMS - the interfaces and facilities of the webserver are entirely independent of this!

Again, the webserver’s documentation will tell you what interfaces and facilities are available - you will have to work from there…