Query Application


Here is my problem:
I connected c-gps daughter board with WMP 100 development board and loaded gcc_QueryApp_256KB.wpb.dwl
Followed all steps from the documents “CGPS5_Overview_and_Usage.pdf” and “OpenAT/Plug-ins/C-GPS/1.00.20/C-GPS/samples/QueryApp/QueryApp.html”
Now, I want to retrieve PVT info and when I send from Terminal Emulator (INFO:CGPS: (my phone number)) a do not get any response as if I did not send anything.
I am able to send other at+ commands but every time I send The Configuration SMS nothing happens.
Can someone, please, advice how should I proceed next.


Forgot to mention traces I get are the following:

Trace HAC 1 Unable to find the string of the remote trace in the file (ID = 1551195)
Trace HWL 1 Unable to find the string of the remote trace in the file (ID = 1550400)
Trace L3RR 1 Unable to find the string of the remote trace in the file (ID = 1560570)
Trace HAC 1 Unable to find the string of the remote trace in the file (ID = 1551195)
Trace CUS4 2 ErideDataIn Check
Trace CUS4 20 [ADL] tmr subs ; id 16 ; hdlr 00210D59 ; val 3 ; cycl 0

Can someone explain what is going on?


Hi Dervovic,

Did you send the configuration SMS to the Wireless CPU where the Query App is being executed. You need to send the SMS message to the Wireless CPU (using AT+CMGS command whose contents should be INFO:CGPS:<phone_number>). After reading your post, I think that you are not sending the SMS, but are sending the “INFO:CGPS:<phon_number>” as the command on the Terminal Emulator which is connected to the Wireless CPU where the Query Application is in execution.

If you are sending the SMS, then can you make sure that your Wireless CPU receives the configuration SMS?



Hello OpenAT_Fan,

Many thanks for looking into my problem, and you were right, I was typing the configuration SMS as AT command instead of sending it as an SMS.
Now, everything works fine. Thanks again. :smiley:


I use Fast track supreme20. I want to steal PVT from CGPS then send to Sever by GPRS to continue 10 Minute once. Who give help to Me?


Hi hoahym,
You can download the InternetConnection Sample to your Fastrack supreme modem and following the guide in the internetConnection.html for more detail.


2 everybody,i have 2 modem Fastrack supreme 20 i want to get the PVT information from the other modem,In SMS mode i can do it with configure message with structure
after send the message i can receive and read the PVT information with at+CMGR command in hyper terminal
But my problems is when i use GPRS mode to send the PVT between 2 modem
i use the message to configure with structer
"INFO:PASSWORD:IP:IPaddress:port:APN,username,password:interval time
after i sent the message i don’t know how i can get the PVT???
please tell me how to solve it!


I know parameter(IP address,port,username,password) depend on the operator.and i test all parameters in my country ,all things ok,But i can’t get the PVT


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