[q2686h, R7.4, CGPS , WIP] QueryApp?

Hello all,
trying to use QueryApp sample as a sample :slight_smile:.
GPS is Eride Opus I.
OS and library versions are in the subject.
Oasis 2.30.
Hardware set as in example Opus 1 at UART2, GPIO pins connected as in example:
adl_ioDefs_t ADL_IO_NRST = ADL_IO_GPIO | 19;
adl_ioDefs_t ADL_IO_GPS = ADL_IO_GPIO | 22;
adl_ioDefs_t ADL_IO_TCXO = ADL_IO_GPIO | 23;

It compiles and WDWLs OK.

GPS GPIO subscription failed

Tried AT+CGPS and AT+NMEA commands in reverse order with the same result.

Errr, why? It used to work on the same q2686h with firmware 6.x, CGPS-OPUS-I 1.07.2002 , WIP 3.20.2030

Dose anyone use the same hardware/library configuration successfully?

C-GPS 3.x (3.4.0 or 3.8.0 - the latest one available now) is compatible to Opus III chipset / modules, not to Opus I.
For Opus I, you have to download from C-GPS Plug-In download area the C-GPS 1.07: