Queries on WP7609 Module


I would like to know the answers on below queries.

  1. Whether WP760x modules are supporting SDIO interface with WiFi/BT modules? Need to know the availability of firmware support for the same.

  2. Will WP760x modules supports VoLTE? Firmware is available for this?

  3. Whether the current version of WP7607/09 modules supports 2G/GSM voice call over USB?

Best Regards,
Vipin N N

Hi Vipin

For question:2, based on the release note of WP7607, VoLTE seems to be supported from rel-10 onwards.
However, I am still figuring out about “How to enable VoLTE on WP7607”. This is extract from release note:
"The WP7607 has received GCF certification with VoLTE. The GENERIC carrier PRI has all VoLTE configuration for certification, however VoLTE must be enabled at the SKU level to activate it for the carrier. "

For Question3: 2G/3G calls are supported. If your question is about usb audio, It seems that USB audio can be enabled as well