Q52 Omni


Information about the Q52 Omni is very sparse in this forum, and it also has no own category. Could you create a new category, perhaps with some basic information about development boards etc.
Or is the Q52 so unpopular?

Q52 related google searches yield not too much information, too. Is the TINA Development board still available? Which distributor offers a Q52 development board?

I would like to ask this kind of questions in the forum here.

Thank you in advance.


I would like to have that also. It’s very difficult to find help for Q52


i agree with freitgs.
can the moderator create a new category of Q52 omni ?
i really grateful if so.
however, until it happens, i have a quetion about at commands for q52 omni.
please refer to

in short, i have a problem about AT commands in Q52 omni, as you can see in Q52_omni_AT_commands_manual.pdf.
i can’t access the wireless CPU with the commands but it happens with the others commands. like at=wopen etc.
can anybody explain this ?
thank you.



Forum revamping is scheduled to be shortly done. The structure of the forum would be simplified in order to assist the users. Hence, the addition of new categories like Q52 Omni would be reviewed then.



See: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4214