Q52 Omni Wavecom DUAL

The Q52 is a new product that Wavecom has placed on the market. The Q52 is Dual Modem that can transmit data via GPRS or via Orbcomm. The Communication and data transmission via GPRS i can do it using commands WIPAT like with a Q24 Modem, but communication and data transmission via Orbcomm i do not know how to do it using a sequence of commands through hyperterminal on a PC.
The idea is to use a microcontroller that controls the application completely.

I’ve researched the following documents:
*Wavecomm Open AT Plugs-Ins

anyone has experience with this module?

Where can I find a document containing the information I need?

any application note for Orbcomm Mode??

Thanks a lot!!

How about: orbcomm.com/ :question:

Where did you obtain you unit?

Can’t your supplier help you?

The supplier’s response is:

“Since this is a difficult protocol to generate during the early evaluation of the Q52, the user has two alternatives to writing software to generate binary messages:”

  1. Using Orbperform… is program PC (but if want use a microcontrollers???)
  2. Orbcomm AT Interface… The AT commands are not yet fully documented by Wavecom. This is underway now (AT+APITEST=…

now what?

sorry, no usefull comments here, but i’d say:
Welcome to the wonderfull world of cutting edge technology

Yes, nothing helpful - but an important lesson to learn:

be sure that both the product and the supplier can meet your requirements before parting with any money!

Did you discuss your requirement with the supplier before buying?
Did they mislead you in suggesting that it would meet those requirements?

Did you get any samples or demonstrations?

Yes, hindsight is a wonderful thing… :frowning:

Hello Ivan,

There are several documentation about the Q52 omni in the download section of the Wavecom site ( quik family-> q52 omin -> downloads ). Did you see it?
There is also an Open AT libary ( “Q52 Omni library” ) to use the Q52 Orbcomm feature through Open AT.


Hi tom,
thanks Tom
I saw it… Trought Open AT using libraries inside of module

but my application is external. i am controlling all with a microcontroller… the GPRS comunication is not a Problem because i can use ATWIP commmands by the serial port…
for Orbcomm comunication also there similar commands like: AT+APITEST=213,(mha),(6-byte-data) SendReport
but this command does not have a formal documentation… the commands are Orbcomm propietary
at the moment I am contacting people Orbcomm for full description and determine whether it can be done like in the GPRS communication

Thanks Tom by your time

Q52 Module
Sent: Thu Apr 16, 2009 12:07 am
by integraw

Hi Ivan,

I saw that you started working with the Q52 module, I recently started to test it as well but I have been having problems. Could you use the application that comes with the kit?, I mean the one that you have to send AT+APITEST commands in order to communicate with the Orbcomm modem. When I try to use that application each AT+APITEST command returns a -11 which it means timeout, did you have the same problem? How did you fix it? Do you know if I have to configure something else in order to make that application work?

Any help you can provide me is very welcome.

Best regards


Hi How are you?
where are you from? i can say you the next:
also remember end any comand with the caracter {0D} for example AT+APITEST=101{0D}
I think that you are receiving -11 is because you are not writing the comand completely.
where and who you buy the Q52?
I recommend contacting your provider to accompany you on way.

Like somebody tell me: “Welcome to the wonderfull world of cutting edge technology”

hi ivan,
i want add some question in here.
i have downloaded the Q52 plug in gcc_Q52OmniSoft_1MB+.wpb.dwl and it make the AT command like AT+PCFG, AT+FORMAT works (AT Command in Q52_Omni_AT_Commands_Manual-Rev005). However, it couldn’t provide AT+APITEST yet.

aiming to use AT+APITEST=, how does the procedure ?
is it right:

  • i build the application in M2M studio with all file in “inc” folder as header file and “src” folder as source code ?
  • Then, i download the *.dwl file to Q52 ?

best regards.
thank you.