[Q2698/OpenAT] Custom AT Cmde with exclamation mark

I’m porting an OpenAT application from Q2686/Fw744 to Q2698/Fw750.
The old application had many custom AT commands starting with AT! (Exclamation mark).
Exemple : “AT!INFO”, etc.

On Q2698/Fw750, “adl_atCmdSubscribe” returns OK, but when I call the AT command on the module, it returns ERROR. If I change the ‘!’ in any other mark, the command runs properly. I guess that I have to use a format trick on the command string with ‘!’, but I can’t find which one.
Anyone knows ?

>> Q2698/Fw750 :

  s16 r = adl_atCmdSubscribe("AT!INFO", pCallBack, ADL_CMD_TYPE_ACT);
  // r == OK


>> Q2698/Fw750 :

  s16 r = adl_atCmdSubscribe("AT*INFO", pCallBack, ADL_CMD_TYPE_ACT);
  // r == OK


This is a problem that I reported more than a year ago and have yet to receive any real response to.
Anything that begins with AT! is handled in a different way from all other AT commands, probably because AT!! has been reserved to be able to send Qualcomm AT commands.

Still waiting for a resolution to this problem.

From my own notes on this:
Looking at traces in the target management shows that ATMGR rather than ATI handles anything starting with AT!