Q2698 firmware version SIERRA_OAT_FW_B753_23_FULL_q2698.dwl

Hi Everyone,
We have been using the Q2698 with firmware version SIERRA_OAT_FW_B753_23_FULL_q2698 for some time now, and I was looking for some release notes on it. Unfortunately, I have turned up absolutely nothing on this version. I did find release notes on SIERRA_OAT_FW_R753_24_FULL_q2698.dwl which I would assume is the release of the aforementioned (beta?).

The reason I ask is our software developer has moved on and the availability of this newer version could mean that we are using a potentially unstable build.

I am particularly interested in the Bug fixes and known issues of the version we are using.

Should we be using the R753_24 version instead?

Thanks for any help in advance!

Hi Terry,
Normally later firmware versions contains resolution of the bugs observed in previous versions. So you can go ahead with the latest firmware version :slight_smile: