Q2687RD to SL8080T

I am thinking about upgrading my current device from the Q2687G and RD modules to the SL8080T module. I understand this is quite a drastic change. My biggest concern is the power consumption used between each device. From what I can tell the SL8080T uses more power.


There are no migration guide as interface different…
Understand your concerns for power consumption, but the changes is big (2G vs 3G and etc)…

Please refer to below for power consumption of both products in various mode:

PTS of Q2687, section 6.1

PTS of SL8, section 6

It depends highly for the usage, test environment.
But say for example,
Active mode: ~24mA(Q2687) vs ~65mA(SL8)
Sleep mode: ~6mA(Q2687) vs ~4mA(SL8)

Kindly check the PTS and perhaps contact your FAE/distributor if you need more info.
Hope this helps.