Migrating from Q2687 to SL6087

I am using the Q2687 module, but wonder if changing to SL6087 would be seamless, providing I do not have problems with I/Os. Can someone confirm, that the internals for those modules are exactly the same and the whole project can be moved to the SL6087? Is there any reason I shouldn’t think about that switch?

The motivation for me would be to get rid of the connector and holes in PCB.

Best regards

you can give a look at the PTS of both of them… That should provide you enough info to cary up on your decision…

The migration is pretty straight forward, except:

  • you need to update DevStudio to 3x version
  • you either need to work with latest firmware already or downgrade SL6087, since it comes 7.52
  • there are some changes with API - my app doesn’t compile under Dev3 and FW 7.52
  • some I/O’s must be realocated

but in general it worked ok.