Q2687RD SMS send response


I am using a PLC with a Q2687RD modem to send SMS messages and am having issues where there are embedded CR LF in the message code. - i.e. the text message is formatted for good layout.

When the message is sent with no CR LF, the response is a single > followed by a +CMGS:

When there are CR LF embedded in the message, the response is an > at each CR LF plus one at the end of the message, followed by the +CMGS: etc.

The PLC is looking for a single > followed by the +CMGS.
When formatted text is used in the message, the PLC does not see the response that it expects and keeps retrying.

Other modems allow the embedded CR LF and only ever send a single > and so there is not an issue.
Is there a command to set the Q2687RD to a single > with formatted text, or do I have to revert to a different modem.

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What firmware version :question:

Looks like 7.47.4