Q2686RD unable to send SMS to mobiles

Hi ,

I am unable to send SMS from Q2686RD to Mobile. In modem am able see successfully delivered

If mobile receives message(99% it not able to receive), it shows a blank message or ask to download message.

where as, i am able to send the same message to another Q2686RD modem with out any problem.

in the message i am using * (star) character. Is it creating any problem?.

but mobile to mobile i am able send the * (star) special charter.

Are you using SIMs on a special M2M plan which prevents this…?


We are using some special M2M package. but, I don’t think so it’s creating problem.

From past two days observation, it’s not able to send SMS to android and windows based OS phones.

where as it’s able to send SMS for APPLE and normal AT command based handsets (ex. Samsung guru, Nokia 203 etc.).

the hardware firmware version is 7.52.

can any one please help to solve the issue.

If you take the SIMs out of the android and windows devices, and put them into one of the other devices - does it work?


If we take out SIM from Android phone and put in to Modem it’s working 100% fine.

seems there is some encoding issue in text mode.

So the problem is not that the Q2686RD is unable to send SMS - the problem is in the Android & Windows devices not being able to correctly display it.

You probably need an Android &/or Windows device specialist to explain that…