Q2686 Evaluation Kit - Network reg. problem

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I have an evaluation kit for the Q2686 modules. I’m experiencing difficulties in network registration, to be able to send and receive sms messages. Now I’ve tried with two Q2686 modules and two SIM cards, where the other SIM card is from my own mobile. I’m just starting out with the hyperterminal, entering AT commands to the module. I enter my pin code, the signal strength is fine, but when entering at+cind? it responses f.ex. with +CIND: 4,3,0,0,0,0,0 meaning, among other things, that the signal strength is ok but the module is not registered to the network. By entering at+creg=1 it results in +CREG: 2 meaning no registration.

Does anyone recoqnize the problem and/or if it is related to the evaluation kit or not?

I’m at the same time working with the M1306B Fasttrack modules, and they are working fine.

Following is an example of the at-command/response sequence i use:

+CIND: 4,3,0,0,0,0,0

+CSQ: 23,0


+CREG: 2

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Needed steps should be:

full SIM initiliazation, then:

network PDP config ( at+cgdcont )
GPRS attachment ( at+cgatt )
networtk pdp context activation ( at+cgact )

after all is done, check by sending at+cgact?

These commands are documented in the ‘AT Commands Interface Guide’


None of this should be necessary for SMS, should it? :open_mouth:

I think there was a similar thread to this recently - something about the network not recognising the unit’s IMEI…?

Hey wavelet and awneil

I’ve been using Fasttrack modules to send sms messages in earlier projects, using an external uController to process AT commands to it. The init-sequence in that case, did not include these PDP config and GPRS commands, and I have to agree with “awneill” that it should not be necessary for simple SMS. But anyway… the module is not being accepted on the network. That is the problem. I’ve been discussing this with my product-distributor and we did bring up the IMEI issue.

Maybe I should look for the thread you mentioned awneill…

oh yes, my mistake. I didn’t read the post well enough.

This is it: wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … light=imei

Hey awneil

Yes, it is correct. The IMEI number registration was causing the problem. It is actually different between Tele providers, if the IMEI is mandatory. My provider does require it, while another one doesn’t and that is how I found out!

Thanks for your help…